Jesus Has Risen
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Salvation Book:  Here are some verses:  9, 23, and 31.  How many more can you find?

Part I

We’ll be doing this word search puzzle a little differently.  First look up the answers to the questions and write it down with the verse number, then circle the verse number in the puzzle.

                               S   T   W   E   N   T   Y   F    I    V    E   Q   P   U
                               T   C   S    T   N   E    E   L   T   W   O   T   O   B
                               E   K   R   N    I    N   E   T   E    E   N   W   L   T
                               I     I    B   F   O   D   T   H   R    A    K   E   V  W
                               G   Z   G   X    N   S   I    X   T    E    E   N   E   E
                               H   F   U   H    E   Z   R    P  L   X    Q   T    N   N
                               T   E   N   S    T   P   T    H   I   R     T    Y   O   T
                               E   V   I    E   V   Q   Y   T   N   E     W   T   Y   Y
                               E   L   D   G   W  H   O   P   E   E    R   H   T    T
                               N   E   N   E   E   T    N  E   V   E    S   R   N   W
                               T   W   E  N   T   Y   S   E   V   E    N   M   E    E 
                               O   T   Y   Z   A   C   B   R   T   W   S   L    E   W  
                               B   R   O  E   N   I    N   Y   T    N    E   W   T   N

1.Who would not believe that Jesus had risen, unless he put his finger in the place of the           nails in Jesus hands?
2.Were the doors open when Jesus came to see the disciples?
3.What day of the week did Mary Magdalen go to the tomb?
4.What does “Robboni” mean?
5.Where did Peter and the other disciples go?
6.Whom did Jesus tell Thomas were blessed?
7.Why did Jesus tell Mary not to touch Him?
8.Who did Jesus say sent Him and whom did Jesus send?
9.Where did the two disciples go after they left the tomb?
10.      What did Jesus instruct the disciples about forgiving sins?
11.      Why was all of this written?
12.      What did Jesus say when He breathed on the disciples?
13.      Who did Mary Magdalene tell that she saw the Lord?
14.      What is the Scripture the disciples did not know yet about Jesus?  Vs. 9
15.      After Jesus told Thomas to put his finger in His hands and sides, He told him not to be           what?
16.      Are all the signs Jesus did in the presence of His disciples written in John’s book?
17.      Where were the angels sitting when Mary saw them?
18.      Who ran to Peter and the disciple Jesus loved and what did she tell them?
19.      Which of the disciples got to the tomb first?
20.      When Jesus showed the disciples His hands and side, what did they do?