Jesus is Led Away
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Salvation Book

Vs. 14.  Can you find another?

Part I

Are you a good observer and reporter?  Find out by answering the following and reporting the source/verse where you received your information:

1. Who was in the garden with Jesus?
2. Who used lanterns, torches and weapons?
3. Who used a sword?
4. Who cut off the High Priests servants right ear?
5. Who took Jesus and bound Him?
6. Who did they first take Jesus to?
7. Who was the high priest that year?
8. Who told the people that one man should die for the people?
9. Who followed Jesus with Simon Peter?
10.Who first asked Peter if he was Jesus’ disciple?
11.Who asked Jesus about His disciples and doctrine?
12.Who said “ask those who heard Me.”?
13.Who struck Jesus with the palm of his hand?
14.Who sent Jesus to Caiaphas?
15.Who accused Peter the third time of being with Jesus?
16.Who heard the rooster crow?
17.Who did they take Jesus to at the hall of judgment?

Part II

1.Why wouldn’t Jesus let His disciples fight for Him? (Which verse in this chapter?                Also see John 10:17, 18 for your answer.)
2.Why would the Jews not go into the judgment hall?
3.Why could the Jews not judge Jesus themselves?
4.Why did Pilate want to release Jesus?
5.Why did Jesus servants not fight for Him?
6.Why was Jesus born?

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