Chapter 2
Water to Wine and More
Part I

Let your children or youth group act out these verses. Have the children pick flowers for the bride and wedding decorations.  Have a bride for this chapter, verses 1-10. You better get your Sea of Galilee together and have members of the family or youth group be the bride and groom, parents of the couple, etc and have a make believe wedding.  (Maybe have it at the lake and pretend the lake is the Sea of Galilee).  Someone needs to be Jesus, Mary, and the master of the feast as well as the servants.

You can use 2 empty two-litter bottles, gallon jugs, or just glass jars for the water pots.  Have the child who acts as Jesus pray over the water and as he prays (everyone should close their eyes) quietly put food coloring in the water so as they open their eyes they know how the people felt when they experienced the miracle.  Later explain what you did, why you did it and make sure they know that it is not what Jesus did.  Jesus changed not only the color, but, the taste of the wine which was in barrels.

Part II

Fill in the blanks and finish the puzzle below. The first two are done for you.

1.3 across  (Jesus) and His 6 across(Mother) attended a 1 across in 10 across, near the 4 across of Galilee.
2.Jesus' mother asked Jesus to work a 5 down.
3.Jesus tod the servants to fill the 9 across 1 down with 11 across.
4.When the master of the 2 down drew from the 1 down  the 11 across had been turned into 7 down.
5.One the servants knew Jesus did a five down.
6.This beginning of signs in 10 across by Jesus manifested His glory and His disciples 8 down in Him.

          1 8









Part III Verses 11-25

There are two different kinds of fishermen:

1.  The kind that keep the fish they catch
2.  The kind that releases the fish back into the water. 

Sometimes, you have to put fish back because they don't meet the size limit.  Sometimes they look too sickly to keep. 

We are having a fishing tournament! 

First, Jesus tells us in Luke 8:18 and Matthew 6: 22-23 to be careful what we hear and what we look at.  (Look these verses up and for 10 bonus points write them out.)

The rules of the tournament is to fish through the statements below and decide which one's are keepers "K"  (for true statements) and which should be released  "R" (untrue statements).

***For the younger children you can put the numbers of the questions on some fish and whichever number they draw out, read that question and let the children decide if it is a keeper or not.***

1.   The disciples believed in Jesus after His miracle in Cana.
2.   Jesus left Cana and went to Jerusalem to celebrate Passover.
3.   Jesus was pleased to see people selling goods in the temple.
4.   Jesus said; "Do not make My Father's house a house of merchandise.
5.   **In fishing tournaments sometimes to have to fish a little deeper to find  
     fish Malachi 3:1 and Psalm 69:9 foretell about this particular incident in            the Temple.
6.   In verse 19, Jesus was talking about the Temple of His body.
7.   The Jews understood what Jesus meant.
8.   When Jesus rose from the dead the disciples forgot what He said about           destroying the Temple.
9.   When Jesus was in Jerusalem at the Passover Feast, many people                 believed in Him.
10. Jesus did miracles in Jerusalem.

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