Bible Fun Study Links Page
- Homestead Personal Site Builder

-  Jewish Jewels - A site hosted by Neil and Jamie Lash where Christians can learn about      their Jewish roots and Jewish People can learn about Jesus the Messiah  (Yeshua)

-  International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

-  Kelly Ann Brown, Author - Kelly is an Christian author of Childrens Books and                 Inspirational   Romance.

- Christ Art - For all you Christian picture needs

- Jerusalem Post  - News from Israel

- Writers-Exchange - E-Book Publishing

-   Education World - Great site for Homeschoolers

-   Kids and Teens: People and Society: Religion and Spirituality: Christianity - An open         directory of Christian sites-Veggie Tales, Bible Studies, Color Pages,etc...

- His Song Bird - The website of Robin Weston.  She is a songwriter and author.  This        site has Christian Songs written by Robin and a extesive study of "Sanctification" in            book form along with more of her writings.

- Cross Daily:  A fun Christian Site where you can find just about anything; Cards,               clipart, daily Bible verses, etc...

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