Loaves and Fishes
The Gospel of John
Chapter 6
Part I vs. 1 – 24

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Answer the following questions:

1.It appears Jesus enjoyed being by the water, what sea is Jesus at? 
2.How many people followed Jesus?
3.It seems that one year has passed since chapter 3; how do we know that for sure?            **Clue: see verses 3:23 and 6:4, what feast is once again being celebrated?
4.Apparently a young lad had been fishing himself.  How was Jesus able to use this              lad’s gift of fish? 
5.How many fish did the lad have and how many barley loaves?
6.How many people was Jesus able to feed and how much was left?
7.Who was the disciple the lad offered his food to?
8.What did Jesus realized that the people wanted to do to Him, and what did Jesus               do to about it?
9.What did Jesus disciples do in the evening while Jesus was on the mountain?
10.      In your own words, what took place on the sea; what did Jesus do and how would              you have felt if you were with the disciples when it happened?  **10 bonus pts. for a            detailed answer.
11.     When the people noticed that Jesus was gone and that He did not leave with His                disciples what did they do?

Part II vs. 25-59

Fishing takes a lot of skill.  But things get pretty confusing when your line gets tangled up.  Well, Jesus has a lot of fishing of people to do and I’ve tangled up His lines, could you please help me out by untangling them, and putting the verses in the correct order?  Thank You.  **Hint:  This can be difficult to do if you try it without looking in Jesus fishing guide. **
(This can be done in groups, after the verses have been put in order the winning group can pick someone from their group to read them aloud in order).

1.am believes I never bread of He to and shall the Me life.  Comes who never who                  thirst shall Me hunger, he in
2.not food but the perishes, endures life, on. For for which Do which the labor food to             everlasting, will the Man give which of you, Son the has God seal His because                   Father set Him.
3.is God, believe This of you Him the that work in sent.  He whom
4.This Father given will Me, He lose should the that it is of should but who all raise                the Me of I sent has nothing, up last the at day.
5.the God He comes from life world. is who and bread to of  For down heaven gives               the
6.that gives will Me, who Me will and one the the comes I means out.  Father come to           to by no me All cast
7.one Me Father draws and can Me last the will No unless I him the day. To who him;           up come at sent raise
8.I bread anyone my this he and bread flesh, down will that is am shall which world               give give living of came forever; of bread, the heaven.  Life eats from I live If I the give            shall which for the the
9.For heaven, My will, from of Him have not but I the to sent down do will Me. own                 come who
10.      is of Me, Son up the believes life; Him that who and have I raise this everyone                    everlasting and at who the will sent Him him last may seer will the day. in And
11.      the they God.” It taught by has Father written all everyone heard in shall learned is             prophets, “And be Therefore and to who from comes Me. the
12.     assuredly, say in you, believes life. He to Me everlasting I who has
13.     the life. I bread am of
14.     the Father Me, because the who will of As sent I of so he feeds Me live Me. and                 living live Father, on because
15.     is who I Spirit the profits words spirit, the gives flesh nothing. speak It life; life. The              that to are they you and are

Part III vs. 59-71, Luke 10:1, 17

1.In what city and building did Jesus teach these things?
2.Who left Jesus and why?
3.Did Jesus know who would leave Him and which verse did you find your answer?
4.When Jesus asked the 12 disciples if they would leave, who spoke for them and                what reason did he give for staying?

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