Savation Book:  What verses would you use to share the message of salvation in this chapter?

Part I Verses 1-42

In this chapter we will be fishing from a different source, a well.  Have the smaller children make a well out of building blocks, logos, or just brown lunch bags (opening them and stacking them around in a circle).  Make sure you have a bucket and a string.  For the last part of this lesson the children can pull the answers out with the bucket, or in little containers.  If the container comes out empty, they have to answer one on their own.

Instead of just reading verses 1-42 pick someone to be the narrator (who would be John) and someone to be Jesus, the Samaritan woman and disciples.  The narrator can just read parts if there are not enough people to act.  They can just read their parts or have them memorize them, if they read they must use expression!

After the reading have each student put their name on a piece of paper first, and then have them write 10 of their own questions with a separate answer sheet about what they just read.  Have the students exchange test papers with each other while keeping their answer sheets.  When everyone is through pass the papers back to the person they came from and let them grade it.  You can join the fun by doing one yourself.  You could also let them read the question aloud so they can learn from each other.   Those who cover verses 23-24 and 34-38 on their test get 10 extra points each.

For older youth:  Have them look up the history between the Samaritans and the Jews and write a report on it.  The Samaritan and the Jews were both part of Israel  what happened that they separated and became bitter towards each other?  Who exactly are the Jews?  When did their name change from being called Hebrews was it during the time this trouble arose?  Some resources for investigation are: I Kings Chapters 12 to 15, I Kings 21, II Kings 17, Isaiah 27:12, Jeremiah 16:14-15.  They can also go to a library and look up histories of Israel.

Part II  Verses 42 - 54 (Fill in the blanks)

1.   The Samaritans said they believed in Jesus, not because of what she said,               "for we have _____ for _____."
2.   After _____days Jesus left for Galilee.
3.   A prophet has no _____in his own _____.
4.   When Jesus came to Galilee, the Galileans _____Him.
5.   Jesus had been at the ______in Jerusalem, where He was seen by the                    _____.
6.   The nobleman's son was sick at _____.
7.   The nobleman requested that Jesus _____ his son, for he was at the _____ of          _____.
8.   Jesus told the people, "Unless you _____signs and wonders, you will by no              means _______".
9.   Jesus told the nobleman, "Go your way, your son _____".
10.  The man _____ the _____ that Jesus _____ to him and he went his way.
11.  The nobleman's servants met him and told him "Your _____lives!"
12.  When the nobleman asked his servants when the fever left, they said it was the         _____ hour.
13.  The nobleman knew it was the same _____that _____said, "your son lives!" 
14.  Then he and his _____ believed.
15.  This is the _____sign that Jesus did when He came out of _____.

The Gospel of John
Chapter 4
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The Woman, The Well and Miracles