Salvation Book: What verses in this chapter would you use to share Jesus with someone?

Part I

*** There are some good verses in here for kids to go fishing for.

We’ll start out with some research questions for the older youth; they can do the research and write a report.

1.In this chapter we can’t really tell if John is going in the order of events that took place.  But let’s say he is.  John begins in this chapter by telling us that Jesus went back to Jerusalem to celebrate another feast day.  Which feast day comes after the Passover?  Why is it celebrated?  What is done during this feast day, and when was the first time it was celebrated?

Sources for research: Exodus, Leviticus, The Encyclopedia, and books on the Jewish Feast Days.

2.The Sheep’s Gate, where was it located in the Temple?  Is this the same Temple of Solomon’s day?  How many gates were there in Jesus time?  How many in Solomon’s day?

Sources: Nehemiah, Ezra, II Chronicles, at the library look up books about the Maccabees, Check articles in the encyclopedia.

3.In verse 33, Jesus said: John “bore witness to the truth.  Go through the four gospels and write what John the Baptist spoke about Jesus.

Part II  Verses 1-16

Answer the following questions.

1.For what reason did Jesus come to Jerusalem? 
2.What was by the Sheep Gate?
3.What happened when the angel came at a certain time of day?
4.How many years did the man who came to the pool have his infirmity (sickness)?
5.What did Jesus ask the man with the infirmity?
6.When the man told Jesus his problem what did Jesus reply?
7.What “immediately” happened after Jesus spoke this?
8.What day did this happen on?
9.Who got upset at what Jesus did?
10.      Why were they upset?
11.      When the Jews asked, did the man with the infirmity know who it was that healed him?
12.      When Jesus found the man in the Temple, what did He tell him?
13.      Why did the Jews try to persecute Jesus?
14.      What did the Jews seek to do to Jesus?

Part III  Verses 17-30

Multiple Choice:

1.   Jesus gives credit to whom for the things He does?
     (a) John the Baptist   (b) God, His Father   (c) Mary   (d) The High Priest

2.   What does Jesus say He can do without the Father?
    (a) nothing   (b) everything   (c) some things   (d) only miracles

3.   What has the Father committed to the Son?
     (a) judgment   (b) life   (c) strength   (d) nothing

4.   If we don’t honor the Son (Jesus), whom else does Jesus say we would be dishonoring?                                                              
     a) ourselves   (b) our neighbor   (c) the Father   (d) our parents

5.   If we hear Jesus’ word and believe in the Father who sent Him, what do we pass      
     (a) math class   (b) light to dark   (c) a traffic light   (d) death to life

6.   When the “the hour is coming” who will hear the voice of the Son of God?
     (a) the hearing   (b) the dead   (c) the saved   (d) the deaf

7.   The Father has given the Son authority to do what?
     (a) punish the Pharisees  (b) clean the garage   (c) execute judgment   (d) drive the car

8.  All who are in the graves will hear what?
    (a) Jesus voice   (b) thunder   (c) the shout of an angel   (d) lightning

9.   If those who have done good receive the resurrection of life, what will those who
     have done evil receive?
     (a) a crown   (b) a resurrection of condemnation   (c) candy   (d) hope

10. Why does Jesus say His judgment is righteous?
      (a) because He’s good   (b) His mother told Him so   (c) because He delivers us from
      our sin   (d) Because He seeks to do the will of His Father

Part IV vs. 31-47

Write a report on one or all of the following:

1.   Jesus names five witnesses that testify that is the Messiah.  Who are they?
2.   In verse 43 Jesus said that He came in His Father’s name and the Jews would not
     accept Him, whom did He say they would accept?  What did He mean?
3.   Can you find where Moses wrote about Jesus? (Moses wrote the first 5 books of
     the Bible.)  In some Bibles there are charts about the prophecies of Jesus.  Here is
     one to get you started.  It goes along with what Jesus just said in vs. 31-47:

     Deuteronomy 18:18-19, “I will raise up for them a Prophet like you from among their brethren and will put My words in His mouth, and H, and He shall speak to them all that I command Him.  And it shall be that whoever will not hear My words, which He speaks in My name; I will require it of him.

How many more verses can you find?

The Gospel of John
Chapter 5
Witness of the "Truth", "The Father", and "The Son"
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