"Feed My Sheep"
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Salvation Book:  What verses do you think would be good to end your book with?

Part I 

Write either; who, what when, where, why, which, or how in the blank spaces.  Then answer the questions.

1._____ were the disciples that went fishing with Peter?
2._____ did they catch that night?
3._____ stood on the shore in the morning
4._____did the man ask them?
5._____ side of the boat did He tell them to cast their nets on?
6._____ many fish did they catch when they threw the net on the right side?
7._____ realized that it was the Lord standing on the shore?
8._____ came in the little boat to the shore?
9._____ was on the fire of coals when they came to land?
10._____ many fish were caught and _____ drug them up to the land?
11._____ many times had Jesus shown himself to the disciples?
12.After breakfast, _____ did Jesus ask Simon Peter?
13.After Peter answered, _____ did Jesus say?
14._____many times did Jesus as Peter this question?
15.After Peter answered the second two questions, _____ was the two replies from                Jesus?
16.In verse 18, Jesus reveals something to Peter; _____ was it?
17._____ two words did Jesus tell Peter next?
18._____ was the disciple Peter asked Jesus about?
19._____ was the disciple Jesus loved?
20._____ disciple testified of these things?
21._____ many books does this disciple say could hold all the other things Jesus did?

Part II:  Think About It. 

Answer the following questions in your own words.

1.Do you think you would have known right away who the man on shore was when he told the disciples to cast the net over the right side of the boat?
2.Why do you think Jesus asked Peter those three questions?
3. Some people still think that John is still alive today, do you think the apostle John could still be alive today? Why?
4.What is the most important thing that you, yourself, learned from the Gospel of John?
5.The disciples wrote and went out and told other people about what Jesus did; why do you think they did and what should we be doing?