Matthew Chapter 28

Fill in the blanks.

1. It was the end of the _________, on the _______, day of the week when _______   __________ and the other ______ went to see the tomb.
2. There was a great ___________ when the ________ of the Lord descended and rolled the_______ away from the door and _____on it.
3. His countenance was like ___________, and his clothing was ______  ___  _____.
4. The soldiers shook for ______of him and became like ______ men.
5. The ______ said to the women, "Do not be _______, for I know that you seek _______who was crucified.  He is not here; He is _______ as He said.
6. The women were told to tell His _________ that He is risen from the dead and is going before them into _______.
7. The women quickly departed from the tomb with ____ and _____  ___.
8. As they went to tell the disciples _____ met them and told them to _______.
9. While they were going, some of the _____ came into the city and reported to the _____ ______ all the things that happened.
10. The elders gave the soldier a large ___ of _____ saying, " Tell them, 'His ___________came at _____ and stole Him away while we _____.
11. So they took the _____ and did as they were __________; and this saying is commonly reported among the ____ until this ___.
12. Then the ______ disciples went away into _________ to the mountain which _______ appointed for them.  When they saw Him, they _______ Him, but some _______.
13. Then _____ spoke to them saying, "All ______________ has been given to Me in ________ and on _____.  Go therefore and make _________ of ___ the _______, baptizing them in the ____ of the ______ and of the ___ and of the ____  _____.  Teaching them to observe ___ things that I have _________ you.

***For 5 bonus points

Write out the very last sentence Jesus spoke to His disciples (and you).

"...and lo...,"


1. Sabbath, first, Mary Magdalene, Mary
2. earthquake, angel, stone, sat
3. lightening, whit as snow
4. fear, dead
5. angel, afraid, Jesus, risen
6. disciples, Galilee
7. fear, great joy
8. Jesus, rejoice
9. guards, chief priest
10. sum of money, disciples, night, slept
11. money, instructed, Jews, day
12. eleven, Galilee, Jesus, worshipped, doubted
13. Jesus, authority, heaven, earth, disciples, all nations, name, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, all commanded


"...and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world."