"Psalms in Song"  - Donna Moss
His Song Bird - Robin Weston
Rock's Review - Rock Brown
Robin's Roost - Robin Norris Brown
Welcome To Robin's Article Page
Robin's article page is now featuring the following writers:
Robin's Roost - Robin Norris Brown
Robin's articles. poems and stories are about Jesus, home and everyday living.  You will also find her testimony here.
Rock's Review - Rock Brown
Rock reviews Christian Contemporary Music and will include movie reviews.
His Song Bird - Robin Weston
Robin Weston is a woman who loves the Lord in Song as well as in her writings.  Robin has written an exstensive book on Sanctification.  The above link will lead you to the first page of this book.  From there you can also find links to more of Robin's music and writings as well as pictures.

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. The website, "Psalms in Song: Music Book and Teaching Resources," features
> links to Psalms-related articles, sermons, teaching tips, music, books,
> children's ministry resources, and other Psalms websites. It has a free
> sample song, "We Will Rejoice," that is in PDF format and is available
> for downloading and printing free of charge. The song may be found on
> this page of the site: http://home.earthlink.net/~apex_ps/songs.html
> Just a quick announcement about a resource for teaching children ages 3
> and up to memorize words from the Psalms. The songbook, "How I Praise
> You! 150 Little Psalms in Song," uses literal verses from 8 different
> versions of the Bible; melodies are original tunes, spirituals, camp
> songs, folk songs, hymns, carols, rounds, and nursery tunes. All
> arrangements are original and include guitar chords. The book has
> otabinding, which means it lies open and flat on music stands.
> Here is the URL to the links page of the website:
> http://home.earthlink.net/~apex_ps/links.html

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"Psalms in Song"  - Donna Moss
Leslie take the letters of your name or people you love and writes a prayer with them. She also has weekly devotionals and more.             

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