Family Bible Study Five
Matthew Chapter 7 and 8
Before we begin our people project and building project, we are still at the Mount of the Beatitudes and Jesus is still speaking in Chapter 7. Explain to the children that it is important to know what Jesus has to say, as we may need to remember it along our journey in life.

In verses 1-6 Jesus speaks about judging one another. You will find that I wrote an article that show the consequences of judging wrongly in "Labels: How are you marked?" Making right judgments are very important in life.

Jesus goes on in verses 7-11 that we can ask him anything. It is important for children to understand that they can go to Him for anything, especially if they feel they can't talk to Mom and Dad, or they need to talk ABOUT Mom and Dad.  I have often told my children, if you can't get through to me or Dad, tell God, he will make sure to get our attention; and He does.

Verse 12: tells the whole story. If we could get our children and other grown ups to learn this verse the world would be a better place.

Verse 13,14: A good place to talk about peer pressure, their are a whole lot of people picking the wrong road to follow, we don't have to join them.

Verse 15-20: This is a good place to teach the importance of reading God's word for ourselves, no one can fool you. Relate it to John 8:31,32: "...If you continue in My word, then you are My disciples, and then you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free." This is also a good place, verses 17-20, to teach about setting a good example to others. When we say we are Christian's people watch our actions closely. Do they see Jesus in us?

Verses 21-end: Jesus tells us that MANY people will claim to be Christians, but not all are. They know the language, but their hearts are far from God. Sometimes people will use the name of Jesus to have control over you and your Children for wrong, it's important to know what to look for. Some people do terrible things in the name of Jesus; sad but true. In verses 24-29 Jesus let's us know as parents how important it is for us to build our children on Him and not others or ourselves. They won't make it in the world if we build wrong. This is so VERY important, I have seen much destruction in lives, when they are built on the wrong foundation. In verses 28,29 we see that Jesus was not considered a geek for these teachings, but was looked upon with great respect.

***Now on with the making of our characters and our building projects...

As we continue in our study of Matthew and the making of our map, let's try some idea's for making our characters. Several idea's came to mind...Paper Dolls, the children can make their own. Let them draw and color what they think Jesus and His disciples look like. Then cut them out, not necessarily along the lines, just around them, leaving about a 1/2" to 1" border. Glue to a piece of cardboard, posterboard, part of a shoe box, pizza box, whatever you can find around the house and cut it out again, leaving enough room at the bottom to cut a small slit in the middle. Take another piece of cardboard, cut it the same length and width you left at the bottom of your doll, cut a slit in the top of it. Fit the two slits together and the dolls will stand.

Another idea is to use "Scullpy" or some king of modeling clay. Roll them the shape of "Weebils" If you remember "Weebils". (It's been so long since my children were little, I'm not sure I spelled that right). Roll them is a thick exaggerated egg shape, bigger at the bottom and smaller at top so they can stand. Make faces, arms and so on. For Chapter 8 we will need, Jesus; His disciples; A Leper; Peter, his wife and mother-in-law; A Roman centurion. Peter will need a house, Jesus will need a boat to travel in, some pigs and...

To start off with, after coming down the mountain Jesus is approached by the Leper in need of healing, then Jesus leaves the Mount of Beatitudes and goes to Capernaum. Now, Capernaum
is about 15 miles from where the Mount of Beatitudes is. Take your children on mile walk. Time it and when you return the older children can do the math and figure out how long it took Jesus and His disciples to walk 15 miles.

Upon reaching Capernaum, Jesus is approached by a Roman soldier with a problem. This is a good time to talk about faith. (I also want to note in here that, if you've not noticed by now, Bible time is always a time when children bring up problems that are bothering them. When I began homeschooling, I learned a lot about what was troubling my children that I never new before.)
So it's very important to go over the Scriptures with them and not just the playing part.

Next stop on our journey, is Peter's house. Now houses in Israel generally have flat roofs. Take a piece of cardboard, thick art paper or whatever and cut a long rectangle about 6"; fold it four times, lay it flat, make your doors and windows, glue it together and make a flat roof to put on top. Simple.

In verses 18-27, Jesus and the disciples get in a boat, the storm comes and ... Do you have your boat made yet? You can determine what to teach in Verses 28-34. It is important that we all realize there is a real spirit realm but Jesus is the head of all principalities and power, Colosians 2:9,10; and as we see in this section, demons know who Jesus is and they tremble.

This concludes our Bible Study today. Please feel free to share ideas with each other in the guest book here. There will be some more quizes next time.

God Bless and Have fun!

Sea of Galilee from atop the Mount of Beatitudes taken in 2008
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