Family Bible Study Six
Matthew Chapter 9 and 10
Map Study:

In retracing Jesus steps since our Map study began; Jesus has been to the Mt. of Beatitudes, to Capernaum. Then He took a boat to where the Gergesenes (to the right of the Sea of Galilee on the above map). Now we begin Chapter 9 where Jesus is going to His own city of Nazareth and the neighboring areas. So He and His disciples will have to get back in the boat and go back across the Sea of Galilee to probably the port at Tiberias and then they will walk to Nazareth from there.

*Calculate the following:
A) What is the approximate distance to Nazareth from Tiberias?
B) How long would it take Jesus and His disciples to walk that distance?

**We find in this chapter also, that Jesus has passed over to His own city. Read verses 1-8 and answer the following questions.

1) Who was the first one Matthew tells us was brought to Jesus?
2) When Jesus saw the faith of the people who brought him, what did He say to the man who was sick?
3) Who thought Jesus blasphemed?
4) Why did they consider it blasphemy?
5) What instructions did Jesus give the man that was sick and which required a lot of faith on his part?
6) What did the multitude of people do when they saw the man get up and walk home?

***Read verses 11-26 and answer the following:

1) Who was the disciple Jesus called and what was his occupation?
2) What was this disciple doing when Jesus called him?
3) What is a Pharisee?
4) Matthew's occupation was considered evil by the Jewish people, especially if they were people of their own kind that were working for the Romans. Do you think that is why the Pharisees were upset with Jesus when He went to Matthew's house and ate with Matthew and his friends?
5) In verse 12, what did Jesus first say to the Pharisees? Do you think this makes sense? What does Jesus mean?
6) In verse 13, Jesus quotes Hosea 6:6. Look this up. What does God say is important to Him?
7) Do you remember what Jesus said about fasting in His sermon on the Mount? Now what chapter was that ?
8) In verse 15, who is the bridegroom Jesus is speaking of? What does He mean by the bridegroom being taken away?
9) Is Jesus really talking about clothes and wineskins here or is he using those as examples of ourselves? Think:
----If we keep saying we're sorry for our sins, it doesn't help much because our nature is to sin and we'll just keep growing in sin. When we give our lives to Jesus 2Corinthians 5:17 tells us He makes us a New Creation, our sins are washed away and we start as a new person! We become so happy for what Jesus did for us that we no longer want to sin. We no longer want to seek our own pleasure, but we want to please God.

NOTE: If you have any questions in this area, please feel free to email me.

****What takes place next in verses 15-26 is a good example of what Jesus was trying to explain in verses 12 and 13; 16 and 17. If you've ever doubted Jesus mercy and compassion, here is a good example of how He took the time to stop for the woman. If you've ever wondered if Jesus understands what it is to be laughed at, you'll see in verse 24 that He does. He also knew who He was inside and did not let it discourage Him. He continued on with the task given Him, no matter what anyone thought or did and the result was terrific!

*****As you continue reading, now would be a good time to play tag again and make up your own questions for each other, and if your a homeschool mom, keep track for grades.   In verse 37-38: who would like to be a laborer, think about it.

God Bless and have fun!


1) A man sick of of the palsy.
2) "Son be of good cheer, your sins are forgiven you."
3) Scribes
4) Because He said He could forgive sin
5) "Arise take up your bed and go to your house."
6) They marvelled and glorified God

1) Matthew, a tax collector (or publican)
2) Collecting taxes
3) A religious order of Jesus day that was very strict about the Mosaic law (First five books of Moses).
5)"Those who are clean have no need of a Physician, but those who are sick."; Yes; Salvation is for those who sin, Romans 3:23 "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God". Jesus spent time with sinners in order to bring them the salvation they needed. Romans 10:14, " How then shall they call on Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? As it is written (Isaiah 52:7) 'How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, who bring glad tidings of good things!' "
6) Mercy and the knowledge of God.
7) Do it in secret, Matthew Chapter 6:16-18
8) Jesus; His resurrection.
9) Ourselves

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Robin Brown

Matthew Chapter 10

Map work

Well Jesus did a lot of traveling in the last chapter.  Could you keep up?  Did you make a tax collection agency, Matthew's house or the ruler's house?  Did Jesus get a special garment made for the woman to hold on to?

In this chapter I was tempted to leave things to you, but an idea hit me just in these last few minutes.
Jesus is sending out his disciples in different directions.  See if they have "Who's Who in the Bible" by
Reader's Digest at the Library or have your children look in the encyclopedia about the lives of the disciples.  Have the children find out where they were from, who were brothers, who were the fathers (some are mentioned in the Bible) where did they have their ministry after Jesus resurrected.  Did they leave any writings, etc

After their reports are in ask them which disciple they would like to be.  In this chapter Jesus sends them out.  Let them become that disciple and let them make up or write a story of their adventure.

What disciple do they want to be?
Where do they think this disciple went?
Did they meet people along the way?

Before they leave for their journey, however, they have to go over their checklist of what Jesus told them to do and take:

Verses 5-25
1. What cities were they NOT to go to?
2. Who were they suppose to go to?
3. What are they to preach about in the cities?
4. What gifts and abilities will Jesus provide them with?
5. Are they to take money with them for their journey? Why?
6. Are they to stay at a Holiday Inn or Motel 6?
7. How are they suppose to treat the people they stay with?
8. What if they run into people who will not accept them or the message of Jesus?
9. Jesus warns the disciples before they leave.  Does He tell them it will be a piece of cake and they'll have the party of a lifetime?
10. Which verses explains what Jesus disciples have to face?

*Note:  This may be a time your children will bring up trials they have already faced, that maybe you didn't know about.  Be opened minded, patient and listen carefully in prayer.

In verse 26-31.4142, Jesus comforts the disciples.  Go over this section together reassuring them, they are never alone.  Read them also: Matthew 28:20.  Read together Isaiah 52:7-10 together and discuss it.

In verses 32-40, Jesus discusses making a deeper commitment to Him.  Have you made this complete commitment?  Discuss these verses with each other.  You'll be surprised what you may learn from your children.

God Bless you as you study together.