Map work

In the last chapter we studied about the disciples and where they were from. I hope you remember some of what you learned, because Jesus is traveling to their cities in this chapter. Now locate their cities on the map:

A) Plan the easiest route Jesus might have gone. B) How many miles did Jesus travel? C) How many days would it take?


Do you think Jesus camped out along the way or would He stay at some ones house all the time? (You might want to let the children camp out in the yard overnight, build a campfire and discuss this then) What do they think each disciples job would be as they camped out? What would the women who followed Jesus be doing? Did the same stars shine on Jesus that are shining now?

Verses 2-15

In Luke 7: 11-16: Luke gives us an idea of one of the places Jesus traveled,

1) What is the city?
2) What happened there?
3) What did John the Baptist want to know about Jesus?
4) What was Jesus response?
5) What verse does Jesus quote about John?
**Bonus: Look up information about Malachi, how many years' before Jesus did he write this?
6) In verse 14, Jesus tells us. John is Elijah. The Gospel of Luke 1:17 gives us a quote concerning this. Can you find out who Luke is quoting?  Check a concordance.
7) In verses 16~19, we see Jesus is angry at those people who would not accept Him or John. Is it okay to get angry? Jesus did, He understands what it is to get angry, but there are limits to anger we must follow. Look up Ephesians 4:26,27.31; Psalm 4:4,5 and
Psalm 37:8.  Which of these verses do you think you need to practice the most?
8) What cities was Jesus upset with?
9) Are you weary from life's trials! Do you wish someone understood where you're coming from? Read and write verses 28-30.

.Jesus understands and He cares.

Answer: 1) Nain 2) Jesus raised a widowed women's dead son to life. 3) Was He the promised Messiah  "The Coming One". 4) Matt. 11:4,5 and 6   5) Malachi 3:1 *Bonus: about 450 vears before Jesus    6) Malachi 4.5 and 6    8)Chorazin. Bethsaida and Capernaum

Family Bible Study Seven
Matthew Chapters 11 and 12
Matthew Chapter 12

Map Work

In this lesson Jesus and His disciples will be walking through a grain field and going to a Synagogue.  It does not say what city He is at.  Remember, He is still going through the cities of the disciples.  Perhaps Jesus is in one of the last three cities He mentioned at the end of Chapter Eleven.  Do you  remember what cities they are?

You may want to make a Synagogue (a place of learning-like a Sunday School except their Sabbath has always been on a Saturday) You may also want to add to your character's, some Pharisee's (the religious order of those days) because they are mentioned throughout this Gospel.

Part I

In verses 1-8, there is a controversy going on between Jesus and the Pharisee's about Jesus and the disciples plucking grain and eating it on the Sabbath.  To you and I this would be no big deal, but the Pharisee's considered eating with unclean hands a sin.  They also considered that by plucking the corn Jesus and His disciples were working and one is not suppose to work on the Sabbath.  Jesus does not agree with the Pharisee's interpretation of God's law on the Sabbath.  Here are some verses for you to look up so you can better understand what Jesus is talking about.  I will put the verse from Matthew first, then the Scripture Jesus is referring to:

A) Verse 3-4; I Samuel 21:1-6; Leviticus 24:5-9
B) Verse 6; Malachi 3:1-3
C) Verse 7; Hosea 6:6

Part II

In verses 9-21 again we find the Pharisee's  wanting to accuse Jesus of breaking the Sabbath.  They again considered healing someone an act of work.

Here again are some verses to explain:

A) Verses 11-12; (Remember in chapter 6 Jesus talks about how God takes care of the sparrow, here He mentions we are more value than sheep.  You will find these verses very interesting)  Deuteronomy 22:4, 6,7.

B)  Verses 18-21; Isaiah 42:1-4

Part III

With verses 22 to the end we are going to do something different.  We are going on a treasure hunt.  Did you know God's words are treasures that help us make it through life?  Well they are and we are going to search through the last of these verses and see what we can find.

I'm going to give you a clue (just like a real treasure hunt) and you have to find out what verse I am talking about.    If there is more than one verse involved I will tell you the number of verses.  These verses WILL NOT BE IN ORDER, you really have to hunt for them.  (Parents:  You may want them to do this alone and then they can read aloud what they found on their own). 

Are you ready? Get set----GO!

1. A fish is a good sign when used as a Christian symbol, but I wouldn't want a sign like this (3 verses)
2. I wonder how my house would stand in an earthquake? ( 2 verses)
3. Are my limbs sagging?  The inspector is coming I'll have to get rid of those bad spots. ( 1 verse)
4. I bet this Queen found out that greater is better. ( 1 verse)
5. Family? What family?  (5 verses)
6. This guy has such an evil name for being a Philistine idol, I know for sure Jesus isn't like that!  ( 2 verses)
7. I hope I have a good treasure, but mums the word, I'm keeping my lips zipped! ( 3 verses)
8. I'm cleaning my house and keeping it clean and I'm posting a "NO INTRUDERS ALLOWED" sign on my door!  ( 3 verses)
9. When he saw the crowd I bet they heard a mouthful. (2 verses)
10. Oh I get it, bind them, then flog them Cool! (2 verses)
11. I'm for them, you too I bet.  (3 verses)

End of lesson, share what you've learned with a friend---be a seed planter.


Part I: Chorazin, Bethsaida, Capernaum

Part III:

1. Verses 39-41
2. Verses 25-26
3. Verse 33
4. Verse 42
5. Verses 46-50
6. Verses 27-28 
7. Verses 35-37
8. Verses 43-45
9. Verses 22, 23
10. Verses 28, 29
11. Verses 30-32 

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