Matthew Chapter 25

Part I     

Here are clues to the following crossword puzzle.  The number in the blank tells where to write the missing word from verses 1-13 in the puzzle.

The kingdom of heaven shall be likened to 19 across 14 down, who took their 6 down and went out to meet the
11 down
.   Now 17 across of them were 23 across and an equal amount were 10 down.
Some of these people weren't too smart and did not take any 28 down with them so that they could have light.  But while their betrothed was delayed they 29 across and 21 down  instead.
At 26 across a cry was heard.  "Behold your betrothed is 27 across, go out to meet him."  Then all the people
4 down
and 12 down their lights.
The unwise people asked those who knew better to help them to keep their light from going out.  But the smarter ones said "no, lest there should not be 2 down for us.  You go to those who 20 down and 5 across and acquire for 13 across."
While they were gone to acquire that which was necessary to keep their lights going, their betrothed came and those who were 9 across went in with him to the 1 across and the door was 15 down.
Afterward, those who had left came back saying "7across, Lord, 16 down to us!"
But he answered and said, "Assuredly I say to you, I do not 18 down you."  24 down, therefore, for you know 3
.the 22 across nor the hour in which the 8 across of 25 down is coming.


Part II

I've decided to just comment on verses 14 though 30.  Please read the verses first before you continue.

Too often people misunderstand the story of the talents.  Yes, God wants us to be good stewards of all He gives us.  I did say "All".  Too often people focus on the money in the story but in Isaiah 66:1-2, God says:

                    "Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.  Where is the
                      house you build Me?  And where is the place of My rest?  For all
                      those things My hand has made, and all those things exist," says
  the Lord."

                    "But on this one will I look; on him who is poor and of a contrite (penitent)
                      spirit; and who trembles at My word."

God is not in the money making business.  Everything there is He created.  Why does He need money or care for buildings?  What is the first gift God gives you when you become aware of Him? It is salvation through His only begotten Son, Jesus.  That is what is important to Him, for His people to dwell with Him and obey His word.

As you grow in your walk with Jesus you begin to study the Scriptures more and God opens your eyes to new lessons and new Spiritual gifts to use.  These lessons and these gifts help you to deal with problems you'll face in life, in helping others in need and in your relationship with Him. 

As you apply a lesson you've learned in Scripture to your own life, God blesses your efforts and leads you to your next lesson.  It's just like when your children learn to start picking up their toys when they are through with them.  You are proud of them and reward them with a hug or a treat of some sort, and then its time to teach them how to pick up their clothes also.  Afterward, your children also feel a sense of accomplishment and begin to feel a little more grown.  They are anxious to learn more, and they have many more lessons ahead of them.

So, too, is life with God.  As we learn, He continues to teach us more, as we grow in Him the more affect we have on other people.  When people see Jesus working in us they want to know more about Him.  That is how we add to what God has given to us.


Much too often there are people who are content to accept Christ as their Savior (Messiah), and then they do nothing more but wait for Heaven.  They won't study the Scriptures themselves, and what they hear at church they usually feel applies to someone else, not them.  They got their salvation and they just want to play it safe until they get to Heaven.  They don't practice what they hear, they think that is only for the Pastor's to do.  The Apostle James tells us in James 1:19-27 and Jesus in Matt. 5:19 as well as verse 30 of this chapter what will happen to these kinds of Christians.

Yes, I said "Christians."   In this parable about the talents they are all the "Master's servants".  They belong to the Master and the Master entrusted His kingdom to them, not to someone who didn't know Him.

Part III

In verses 31-46:  Jesus sums up what we just read.

Verses 31-34:  In  35-46 you may want to read these aloud and discuss them or take turns acting out examples of what Jesus is saying.

Feel free to email any comments on this chapter. 


Crossword Puzzle:

  Across                                                              Down

1.   wedding                                                   2. enough
5.   sell                                                            3.  not                                                            
7.   Lord                                                      4.  arose
8.   Son                                                         6.  lamps
9.   ready                                                     10.  foolish
13.  yourselves                                            11.  Bridegroom
17.  five                                                            12.  trimmed
19.  ten                                                            14.  virgins
22.  day                                                         15.  shut
23.  wise                                                        16.  open
26.  midnight                                                  18.  know
27.  coming                                                    20.  buy
29.  slumbered                                             21.  slept
                                                                          24.  watch
                                                                          25.  man
                                                                          28.  oil