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Family Bible Study 10
  Matthew Chapter 17 and 18
Mount Tabor (Mount of Transfiguration)
Chapter 17

Map Work

This chapter starts out on Mt. Tabor (also called the Mt. of Transfiguration because for many years it has been believed that this is where the transfiguration of Jesus took place).  Mt. Tabor is 1,880 feet above Estraelon in Galilee and is between the cities of Nazareth and Tiberias.

You may want to make a new mountain for your live map.  You could also go on a field trip to a mountain, or mountains or even a large hill will do, and discuss what kind of journey it would be for Jesus and his disciples to climb to the top.  You might want to journey up part of a mountain or all the way up - or climb to the top of a high hill and sit for awhile, picnic and spend some quiet time with God together in prayer.

As Jesus comes down the mountain, he and his disciples go to the multitudes.  It does not tell us where the people are at, they then travel to Capernaum.  Once there what happened?   Read verses 24-27 to find out.

It appears that Jesus stays in Galilee throughout Chapter 18.

Part I

Read verses 1-13 and answer the following.

1. Jesus went to the mountain after how many days?
A) 10   B) 7   C) 8   D) 9
2. How many disciples went on the mountain with Jesus?
A) 12   B) 3   C) 6   D) 4
3. Transfigured means?
A) sunny   B) grossly disfigured   C) changed in appearance   D) turned into a statue
4. Someone mentions making three tabernacles; what is a tabernacle as it is used here?
A) a booth made of tree branches   B) an altar   C) a tent   D) a table
5. Who wanted to build the tabernacles?
A) James   B) John   C) Peter   D) Peter
6. Who appeared to Jesus and the disciples?
A) Abraham and Issac   B) Moses and Elijah  C) Saul and Solomon   D) Moses and Aaron
7. Jesus face shone like the ?
A) moon   B) flashlight   C) sun   D) a reflection
8. Jesus clothes became what color?
A) shimmering   B) silver   C) yellow   D) white
9. What overshadowed Jesus and His disciples?
A) a bright cloud   B) a dark cloud   C) a dove   D) an eagle
10. Who spoke from the cloud?
A) an angel   B) God   C) Abraham   D) Moses
11. After the disciples fell in fear who told them to "arise"?
A) Paul    B) Peter   C) God   D) Jesus
12. Who did Jesus say represented the return of Elijah?
A) John the Baptist   B) Elijah   C) Peter   D) James

For 5 Bonus Points: What did the voice from the cloud say about Jesus?

Part II

Read verses 14-21.  Discuss and do research on mustard plants.  A mustard seed is very tiny, how tall can the plant get?  What does it mean to have faith as a mustard seed?  (does a seed have faith it will grow tall or can just a tiny amount of faith work miracles?)

In verses 22-27:
In Galilee Jesus tries to prepare the disciples for His death.  The disciples were sorrowful, not only because Jesus was their teacher, but also a dear friend and companion.  (You can discuss here that Jesus and His disciples new what it was to experience the loss of a loved one and Jesus can help up when we experience sorrow).

Also in these verses, Jesus has to pay taxes (and you thought we were the only ones to be blessed with them; sometimes we don't think of Jesus as living a normal life as we do).  Peter was concerned about the tax as obviously they did not have the money.  Jesus, knowing Peter's concern, sends him on a special fishing trip, thus reminding us that He was the Son of God as well as the Son of man.


Charades:  In the game of charades one person acts out a historical or popular character without speaking a word and only using gestures to give clues.  This time act out Biblical events such as the falling of the Tower of Babel; Jesus feeding the multitudes; the parting of the Red Sea;  or Jonah being swallowed by a whalewell you get the idea, have fun. 

Matthew Chapter 18
© November 2001

Map Fun

On a piece of large posterboard or cardboard make a large map of the areas we covered so far or just make shapes and write the cities that Jesus has been to. (Later you can add on as we continue through the lessons) Pick a player to go first,  have everyone else stand around the outside of the map (at the edges).  Roll one die, then place a blindfold on the first player.  Turn the player three times.  While you are turning the player the people standing around the map have to walk around the map clockwise.  When the blindfolded player stops the other players stop also.  The blindfolded player than takes the amount of steps onto the map that he rolled on the die.  Take off the blindfold and let the player see where he/she landed. (If they did not land directly on a city they may pick the nearest one.) 

The player must tell something that Jesus did in that city or what was done to Him there.  If they don't know they must tag someone close to them on the outside of the map and they can answer for them. (If no one is close enough you can spin them around a second time.)  Only the person who gives the right answer can pick the next player before they both take their place around the map.  If neither player knows the answer they are both out, the only remaining player at the end is the winner.


Read Chapter 18 and then answer the following.  Write "T" for true and "F" for false.
**(2 bonus points each) For every false answer, write the correct one.

1. Whoever is strongest is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?
2. You must become as a little child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?
3. To become a little child means to be trusting and have faith as a child?
4. God is not pleased when someone makes a child sin?
5. God doesn't care if someone is lost in sin?
6. You should stay mad at your brother and not try to make peace with him?
7. Whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven?
8. If two or three are gathered together in Jesus name it means it is time for supper?
9. If you forgive your brother 70 times 7, that's 450 times?
10. The meaning of the story of the man who forgave his servant is: "Do unto others before they do it unto you?"


1. F  "whoever humbles himself as a little child is greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.
2. T  vs.  3
3. T
4. T  vs. 6
5. F  vs. 14
6. F  vs. 15-17
7. T  vs. 18
8. F  vs. 19-20
9. F  490
10. F  vs. 35