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Matthew Chapters 19 and 20

Map Work

In Chapter 19 Jesus is leaving the area of Galilee, which direction is He going (N, S, E or W)?  The scripture say that He "went beyond the Jordan River", so we will place Him at Jericho.  How many miles would He and the disciples have to travel?

For an extra project or challenge for the older children you might want to have them make a map of the Galilee region and mark all the places Jesus has traveled until now, showing arrows starting from where He began after His wilderness experience.  For the younger children, draw a map for them, placing a picture of a house near the name of the city and let them color it.  You may also point out certain cities and tell them which color you want them to be.


For these two chapters I am going to quote a portion of a verse; you must:

1. Find the quote
2. Write the verse number
3. Then write out the following verse 

Group Idea

You can do a relay with this: Pick pairs; have one person in each pair look up the quote and the other writes it out.  The first pair to finish is the winner---ReadySetGO!

1. "and they will condemn Him to death,"
2. "made them male and female."
3. "Good Teacher"
4. "eye evil?"
5. "keep the commandments."
6. "Grant that these two sons of "
7. "kept from my youth."
8. "disciples rebuked them"
9. "We are able."
10. "that our eyes may"
11. "judging the twelve"
12. "went away sorrowful,"
13. "lord it over them"
14. "the beginning it was not so"
15. "desires to be first"



1. 20:18-19
2. 19:4-5
3. 19:16-17
4. 20:15-16
5. 19:17-18
6. 20:21-22
7. 19:20-21                              
8. 19:13-14
9. 20:22-23
10. 20:33-34
11. 19:28-29
12. 19:22-23
13. 20:25-26
14. 19:8-9
15. 20:27-28

Family Bible Study 11
               Matthew Chapters 19 and 20
Jordan Valley