Oftentimes people think of Family Bible Study as work. As a homeschool parent, I wanted Bible study to be interesting to my children so I attemped several different approaches to make their study not only fun, but, challenging as well. End result: All my children are in their twenties and each one still reads their Bible on their own everyday. So let's give it a try.

Matthew Chapters 1 and 2

The answers will be printed at the end of each
Bible study.

**Matthew starts out in chapter one with the genealogy of Jesus. Usually when most people come to this beginning they are either afraid that they can't understand it or they skip over it because they think it is going to be boring. What we are going to do is have a little fun with it. Yes, I said fun.

Matthew's reasoning in doing this genealogy is to show that the promises God made to the brethren of old had been fulfilled in Jesus. There are some familiar names in this genealogy. So let's see how many you remember by matching the names with an event. And should you be a first time reader of the Bible, there will be references where you can look them up. While your doing this you can play tag. Pick a number or draw straws to see who will go first. When the first person is finished answering, they tag someone of their choice to do the next one and so on.

Verses 1 through 17

Match the letters to the proper number.

1. Soloman 2. Jehoshaphat   3. Jesse   4. Josiah   5. Rachab  6. Jacob  7. David   8.Abraham

A) Husband to Sarah to whom God promised "...in
    you all the families of the earth shall be
    blessed." Genesis 12:3,5.

B) The harlot who helped the spies which Joshua
    sent out; mother of Boaz. Joshua Chpt. 2, Ruth

C) Wrestled with an angel and saw angels ascending
    and descending on a ladder. He also received
    the same promise as his father.
   Genesis 28:12-14, 32:24-32.

D) A musician, greatly beloved King who slew a
    giant as a boy. A promise that the Messiah
    would be of his throne (His descendant). I Samuel Chpt. 17,
    Isaiah 9:7.

E) Was the king who prayed and asked for wisdom
    instead of riches and honor. I Kings 3:5-14.

F) Defeated an army with prayer, without having
    to lift a finger in battle. 2 Chronicles
    Chpt. 20.

G) Had eight sons, one of which became a king. A
    promise that the Messiah (a rod) will come from
    his stem, a Branch from his roots. I Samuel 16:
   3-13, Isaiah 11:1.

H) Known as a good king who destroyed idol
    worship in Judah and restored the temple in
    Jerusalem. 2 Chronicles, Chpt. 34.

Now was that so terrible? Test your own knowledge and see how many more in the genealogy of Jesus you may know.

Sequence of Events
After explaining the time period involved before Jesus birth, Matthew begins his story. See if you can put the rest of Chapter one in proper numerical order.

1.____ 2.____ 3.____4.____5.____ 6.____7.____

A)An angel appears to Joseph to reassure
   him that what Mary has told him is true
   and not to be afraid to take her for his
   wife, the child is of the Holy Spirit.

B)Joseph thought about sending Mary away so
   as not to make her a public example.

C)Mary was bethrothed to Joseph.

D)Joseph awakes from his sleep and takes Mary for
    his wife.

E)A prophecy fulfilled: "Behold, a virgin shall
   be with child and bear a Son, and they shall
   call His name Immanuel, "God with us".

F)The baby is born and Joseph name's him Jesus.

G)Before they came together, Mary was found with
   child of the Holy Spirit.

***A fun project--make a manger for Baby Jesus out of match sticks or a small box, add straw, and with a small cloth, rubber-band, stuffing and a marker make a baby. For the following lesson you can make a star out of foil or your own invention.

***Read Chapter 2 before attempting the following.

Chapter 2

Multiple Choice

1. The Wise Men came from:
   a)North   b)South   c)East   d)West  e)Georgia

2. To whom did the wise men seek information
   about the King of the Jews?
   a)the chief priest   b)the scribes   c)King Herod   d)Santa

3. Who was the prophet who prophesied about
  Jesus being born in Bethlehem?
   a)Micah   b)Malachi   c)Zechariah   d)Isaiah
*Here you can give 5 bonus pts. or a special
treat if someone can recite the prophecy.

4. What guided the wise men along the way?
   a)the internet   b)a map   c)a star   d)a taxi driver

5. When the wise men came to where the Child
   and Mary were, they entered the...
   a)stable  b)Holiday Inn  c)house  d)manger

6. How many gifts did they present to the Baby Jesus?
   a) 0   b)5   c)2   d)3
*Bonus for those who can name the gifts.

7. Who warned Joseph to leave Bethlehem because
   Herod wanted to destroy the Child?
   a)Mary   b)an angel   c)the wise men   d) the shepherds

8. Matthew quotes a prophecy concerning Herod
   killing the children. Who is the prophet?
   a)Jeremiah   b)Isaiah   c)Ezekiel   d)Malachi
*Another chance for a bonus here, quote the prophecy.

9. Why was Joseph told they could leave Egypt
   and go back to Israel?
  a) Israel had a land deal going   b) to avoid plagues   c) Herod died
  d) Joseph inherited a castle

10. When Joseph heard that Herod's Son, Archelaus
     was reigning in his father's place he went to
     what city?
     a)Bethlehem   b)Cairo   c)Jerusalem   d)Nazareth

***Final chance for a bonus: What does  "Bethlehem" mean?

Matthew Chapter 1


1.E, 2.F, 3.G, 4.H, 5.B, 6.C, 7.D, 8.A

Numerical Order

1.C, 2.G, 3.B, 4.A, 5.E, 6.D, 7.F

Matthew Chapter 2

1.c, 2.c, 3.a, 4.c, 5.c, 6.d, 7.b, 8.a, 9.c, 10.d

Final Bonus: "City of Bread"

"Jesus took BREAD and blessed
it,...and said, Take, eat;
this is my body."
Matthew 26:26

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