“God Loves You”
by: Robin Norris Brown

Dad didn’t care,,
Mom wasn’t always there.
Feeling sad, alone and shy,
Longing for the day that I could die.
Worried of what the future will be,
Someone along the way said, “God loves me”.

Tears, trials, pain and abuse
One could wonder, what’s the use?
Yet a spark of hope runs deep,
Something to hold on to, something to keep.
The words spoken long ago;
“God loves me”, I sure hope so.

Can’t take anymore,
What is there to live for?
Just a slice of a razor and it will be okay,
Before I could act, it was taken away.
Perhaps those words were true;
The one’s that said, “God loves you”.

Through my stepsister the name of Jesus came to me,
Such a love, can it really be?
The pain, the shame, the lies and death;
He gave His all, until there was nothing left.
Jesus, how could you do this for someone like me?
It must be true; God does love me!

Life goes on; a new life I received
Family and friends have been given to me.
Trials remain, new problems too,
But, this time with Jesus to see me through.
Oh how happy and wonderful life can be
All because someone said; “God loves me”.

If you are alone, sad and abused,
And the world is against all that you do.
Know that the words of long ago are true
And that they also apply to you.
Jesus gave His life to set us free,
Because God abundantly loves you and me!

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