Written by:  Robin Brown
© April 10, 2001

Juda, through her dove eyes, looked at the almond branches that were next to the stone tablets her Dad had given her when they went camping in the wilderness together.   She had placed them in a special cabinet with a golden finish to protect them from getting worn.   She did not want to forget the love and care her Father had shown her during that time.  Even though a part of her was tempted to rebel during that journey together, she finally rested; contented in her Daddy's arms, in the homeland he promised her.

Once again something stirred within her.  Her life had not been an easy one.  Many times she distanced herself from her Dad and would leave him.  He would let her go her own way for awhile and when she came back wanting forgiveness, he would bring her back to the home he had given her as a child.  He would shower her with hugs and kisses and set up feast days to remember the occasion.  He loved his daughter dearly, he just wished she were not tempted to leave him so much.

Now, once again, Juda was packing-getting ready to leave home.  Her father had planned a trip for her that he felt would help them grow closer together because Juda was growing distant.  She was anxious about the trip; it was a strange and fierce place he was sending her to, hoping to teach her some discipline in her life.  She decided to go her own way once more-to a land that her father would not approve.  With her dark hair and complexion she would blend in easily.


After Juda left home her father missed her terribly.  He was lonesome and longed for her return.  One day he met a beautiful young lady, Usa, while on an ocean trip.  Usa was a beautiful young lady with a pale complexion, wavy red hair and her eyes were as blue as the ocean beneath them.  She had just been through a great struggle.  She had felt enslaved and oppressed.  She was weary and in search of a new land to call home.

Usa and Juda's father talked a very long time. Juda's father told Usa about his daughter and showed her letters that he had written to her but she would not accept.  He shared with Usa about how much he loved Juda, but she drifted from Him and He must allow her to find her own way, even if it brings her pain.  He decided to take Usa in - she would be his daughter as well, and perhaps fill the void in his life.

So Usa's new father helped her find a new homeland of her own.  He allowed her many freedoms, of which she shared with all who came to live with her in her new homeland.  He blessed her with many riches and wealth hoping Juda would hear of it, become jealous and want to return to him.   These riches and wealth Usa also shared with others.

Usa is finally happy and content after a troublesome youth.  She had battles and struggles she had to face, but her new father taught her how to survive them.  Once Usa became discontented with herself.  A war raged within her, but after much hardship and confusion she reached a point where she could accept herself the way she was.

One day Usa heard someone talking, she heard Juda's named mentioned.  Juda was in trouble!  She at first thought it was just idle gossip.  But if it was true, she didn't know if she should interfere or not, so she just went on her way.

Later she heard another group of people  more rumors?  But wait, they said something about Juda being raped and her children being killed.  Usa wondered to herself if this were true?  When Usa came home she found her Father crying many tears with deep heavy sobs.  No one had to tell her, she new He had heard the news as well.

She tried to comfort him, but He would not be comforted until Juda was safely in the home he had given her during her youth.  Usa became more determined than ever to do whatever she could to make that happen.   She found out that some of her friends and the people from her old home had heard the news also and had already gone to help her.

Juda's enemy was fierce and cruel.  They did many horrible deeds and had murdered much of Juda's family.  But Juda was still alive and struggling to survive when Usa found her.   

Usa told her who she was and explained how she came to know Juda's father and his ways.  She told Juda how her father felt about her.  Juda did not know if she could trust Usa at first because the people who killed so many of her family had said they knew her father as well.  But, Juda wanted to return to the homeland that her father had purchased just for her so she decided to cautiously trust Usa.  It would be a difficult task to return to her land because she heard someone else was living there now, and just a few of her family remained there.

Usa comforted Juda by reassuring her that she and her friends would help her return.  But first Usa brought Juda home with her so she could see all her father had blessed her with and Juda could visit with her father as well.

Juda marveled at all Usa had, but she was not happy there, she could not feel at home there.  It was Usa's homeland, not hers.  She sat for hours reminiscing with her father about old times and she longed to be happy and free again in her own land.  Her father made the arrangements and Usa with her friends helped her to return.

Now Juda had a home and a new kind of freedom, which she shared with others.  Her father was so joyous over her return that he blessed her with riches and new friends - he even helped her with her landscaping.  They all worked together in making the land beautiful again.  Some of Juda's children were still missing and some stayed with Usa, but little by little her father brought her children home to her as he had promised.

Juda and Usa had become very close friends, as well as sisters, even though they lived so far apart.  Usa learned much about Juda's father from Juda and Juda learned how to live in freedom from Usa.  Year by year they grew closer and closer.  Usa would go visit Juda and Juda would come see Usa.  They shared ideas, their worries and their joys.  They did have the occasional disagreement, but never anything that separated them.  It appeared that nothing ever could separate them.


Some fifty or so years had past when one day Juda decided to go and visit Usa.  There was so much trouble at home she just had to get away for awhile.  She always enjoyed her visits with Usa.  But the last few visits, Juda was beginning to see some changes in Usa. 

Over the fifty years Juda and Usa worked hard at doing as their father had taught them, but Juda began to recognize some signs in Usa that troubled her.  Usa was beginning to speak in a rebellious tone about their father just as she had done before.  Usa was losing control of her children just as she once had.  Usa was beginning to follow the rest of the world, just as she had. 

Juda thought about these things on the plane.  She prayed for her sister and had spoken to her father of it.  She so longed for Usa to see what was happening to her before Usa, too, would have to suffer as she did.

Upon reaching Usa's house, the door was open and the taxi outside.  Taking a deep breath and hoping she was just dreaming, Juda went in.

Usa was packing her things, Juda heard her mumble"I've had enough!

"What are you doing Usa and where are you going?" Juda said, fighting the panic in her voice.

Usa begins to tell her of her frustrations, how she wants to fit in with the rest of the world.  How she was tired of doing things their Father's way.  She wanted to be on her own.  She was tired of all the rules!

Juda pleaded, "Usa at one time I thought the same and I found myself lost and desolate, without Father's guidance or protection.  Remember He allowed me to experience life without Him  over and over again I suffered and longed to be home again.  I wondered why I ever left.  It is not worth it Usa.  Please hear me, don't leave Him!"

It was no use, as JUDAH watched USA walk towards the door, she remember how her Father had told her that one day all Nations would come against her.  She wondered if U.S.A and her children would be one of them.


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