A poem by Lella Morgan to help those who are coping with Alzheimer's
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The Person You See Is Not Who I AM
By:  Lella Morgan

You see an old lady sitting here in my chair

She's alone and scared in a world of despair;

But once I was peaceful and calm as a lamb,

The person you see is not who I am.

I've had many years of fun with my fam-i-ly;

I've laughed and sung and enjoyed a life of glee,

So just remember when you look my way

You're only seeing the person I look like today.

When life here is over and it's my time to go

Remember all the good times we had here below;

Try to forget these last years if you can

The next time you see me I'll be the person I am.

In that beautiful land where all things are fair

I'll know and remember my family up 'there';

So when you look at me now tho a stranger I be

Remember I'm not the person you see.

(Lella Morgan's Mother died after about 20 years with Alzheimer's.
This is the poem God gave her during those years )
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To My Mother With Love
By Lella Morgan

We made a lot of memories,
You and I
And I'll cherish each one
Til the day I die.
We've had more fun
Than most folks know;
We've been more places
Than most folks go.
You taught me much
About how to live
And I try to live my life
So I'll have that to give
To my Kids and Grandkids, you see
So they'll have the same good memories
That you have given to me.
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"To My Mother With Love"