Remember Me in Gethsemane
Robin Brown  ©2000

You say times are hard
You've had enough!
You look toward heaven and cry:
Lord, don't you care about me?

You might say people have been cruel
They mock, tease and tempt you.
It seems your friends don't care.
You look toward heaven and ask:
Lord, do you remember me?

It seems everything is going wrong,
Bills are due, baby is sick,
Rent's late, the car quit, you lose a job,
Another child is sick, etc.
And once again you look toward heaven:
Lord, have you forgotten me?

Then the Lord replies

There was a time I stood alone
Against so many others.
It was hard and it would have been easy to quit.
But, I cared about you.

People mocked Me, tried to stone Me,
Tried to push Me off a cliff, tempted and
Teased Me, but I couldn't quit:
Because, I remembered you.

I fasted forty days and nights,
I had nowhere to lay My head,
I had no car; I walked many miles,
I depended on others for transportation and money
It was hard and humiliating, but I didn't quit,
Because I thought of you.

Moses and Elias came to Me on the Mount of Transfiguration.
And  they told Me about Calvary.
In Gethsemane, I was afraid, I sweat drops as blood
I cried "Father, let this cup pass from Me!"
I saw the whip and the cross, but I could not quit
Because I also saw you.

I felt the thorns as they pierced My head.
I felt the whip that ripped My flesh,
I felt the stakes as they pounded through My hands and feet,
I felt the blood drain from My body,
If felt the wood against My torn flesh,
I felt so all alone, but still I did not quit;
Because  - - I loved you!

My little one, when life is hard
And enough is too much.
When you feel alone and no one cares,
Remember Me in Gethsemane
And how I hung on Calvary.
You were My strength because I loved you so.
Remember Me and love Me and I will be yours.
For I loved you then and I love you now
Lo, I am with you always.

"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens Me."

The greatest thing about Gethsemane to me is the fact that even though Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him. Even though he was afraid of the pain and was hurt because  He also knew some wouldn't appreciate His sacrifice. Knowing all this before it happened; He loved us so much, that He let it happen.  He didn't back down!  Where would we be if He did?  Where will others be if we do?

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