Family Bible Study Three
Matthew Chapter 5
Matthew Chapter 5

Before we go on with Chapter 5; we learned that Jesus was a fulfilment of a prophecy by God to Moses, (in that God told Moses the Messiah would be as he was). In this segment let's see if you can find the ways in which Moses and Jesus were similar.

List the letters of the events that are similiar to Moses and Jesus.

A) Babies were killed when they were born. B) They both were football hero's.
C) They both were aides to the Ruler of their country. D) They both were laid in beds of grass. E) Many people followed them. F) Everyone loved them.
G) They left riches behind to live among their people. H) They both drove Mercedes Benz.
I) Their birth was a fulfilment of prophecy. J) Ruler that wanted their death died. K) Were both were a Deliverer.
L) They both came out of Egypt. M) Were swallowed by a whale.
M) Were swallowed by a whale.
N) Upon announcing their calling, they were not accepted by their people.
0) Moses had 70 Elders, Jesus had 70 disciples.

**Chapter 5 begins with Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Let's see what's going on.

There is a huge crowd gathered. Let's move a see if we can get through the crowd. Excuse me, pardon me.  It sure is hard to squeeze through all these people.  Look, there's Jesus. we can see Him real good ftom here. Let's put our blankets down right here.

Did you hear him? I can't hear very good what did He say? 

Well, what do you know, He's looking right at You!  And  He's talking to YOU! 
I'm still having trouble with my hearing.  I think I have this first part mixed up. Could you please fill in the blanks for me?
Thank You So Much!
1. Blessed  are        , for theirs is the kingdom  of heaven.                                 2. Blessed are those who        , for they shall be comforted.
3. Blessed are the           For they shall inherit the earth.
4. Blessed are those who        and         , For shall be filled.
5. Blessed are the         , For they shall obtain mercy.
6. Blessed are the        ,  For they shall see God.
7. Blessed are the        , For they shall be called the children of God
8. Blessed are those who are        , For theirs is the  kingdom of Heaven.
9. Blessed are YOU, when they revile and persecute you and say all kinds of evil against YOU falsely for My sake.  Rejoice and be exceedingly         , For great is YOUR reward in          , For so they persecuted the prophets which were before YOU..

(Parents, you may want to encourage your children to underline, memorize or write out some of  following verses that you want them to remember. Verses 14-16; and 19-20 are good for starters. )

On with the lesson.
**Oh, Now I understand, thank you for clearing things up for me. Is He through?  No, I think He's saying something else
sorry to ask this again, but this hearing of mine is so bad, and just look at His face, He looks so kind, I know He wants me to
learn this.  Could you fill in these blanks again for me please?  I'll give you the verse and you fill in the letters to the words that I can't hear.


Part I:  A, D, E, G, I, J, K, L, N, O

Part II:  See Matthew 5:3-12

Part III: 1. flavor, seasoned;   2. light, world;   3. fulfill;   4. commandments, break least, teaches, without, cause;   6. agree, adversary;   7. swear,   8. resist, evil;    9. give, asks, borrow;   10. love, hate, pray, persecute.
These picture were taken on the Mt. of Beatitudes in 2008