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Bible Study 9
  Matthew Chapters 15 and 16
To make your own map as well as to find the map of Palestine to use on this Chapter click on the link below.  It is a fun site as well as educational and great for homeschoolers.
Chapter 15

Map Work

1. Jesus was at Gennesaret at the end of Chapter 14.  The Pharisees came from Jerusalem to listen to Him.  How far did they travel?  Was the journey all on land?
2. From Gennesaret, Jesus went to the regions of Tyre and Sidon.  In Jesus day Tyre and Sidon was part of Israel.  On a map of today, they are considered to be a part of what country?  How far did He travel?
3. A woman from the region of Canaan came to Jesus to ask Him to heal her daughter.  How far did she travel?
4. Jesus and his disciples left Tyre and Sidon and skirted the Sea of Galilee.  Then they went up on a mountain.  From the mountain He went to Magdala by boat.  Could it be the same mountain He worked the same kind of miracle in Chapter 14?  If so, how far is it from there to Magdala?

Part I

1. In verses 1-20 it looks like the Pharisees are out to trap Jesus again.  They were upset because Jesus' disciples did not wash their hands before they ate.  What commandment did Jesus accuse the Pharisees of breaking?  Write the commandment and the number it is.  We see in reading this commandment how displeased God is when we disobey our parents (no matter how old we are), and how much we can be thankful for Jesus taking our sins upon Himself for us.  We also see that though children are no longer put to death for their disrespect, jesus still requires even grown ups to honor their parents.
2. In verse 8 and 9, what prophet does Jesus quote?
3. Jesus then responds to the Pharisees accusation.  In verse 10-20 what do you think we should do better at?

Part II

1. In verse 21-39 Jesus heals many kinds of sickness; can you name them?
2. Is everyone Jesus healed an Israelite?
3. When Jesus healed all those people, what did the people do?
4. On a mountain in the wilderness, Jesus once again fed the multitudes: A) How many loaves?  B) How many fish?  C) How many baskets of fragments left?  D) How many people fed?
5. In the last chapter after all were fed who got into a boat this time?
6. BONUS:  What did the disciples forget about in verse 33?  (Once again we can see ourselves in the disciples.)

In this chapter a woman came from Canaan to ask Jesus to heal her daughter, people were willing to go into the wilderness or climb a mountain to reach Jesus.  Today because Jesus died and rose again, we ask for healing or talk to Him everyday in our bedroom, the shower, our closet, car, or at work.  Jesus hears us and answers our prayers no matter where we are.


Part I
1. Fifth commandment (Deut. 5:16, Exodus 21:17)
2. Isaiah 29:13
3. We should be careful about what speak with our mouths.

Part II
1. demon possessed, lame, blind, mute, maimed (crippled)     2.No, the Canaanite woman was not.  3.  Glorified God  4. A) 7  B) few  C) 7  D) 4,000 plus woman and children   5.  Jesus and disciples   6. BONUS: The previous miracle of loaves and fishes

I am sorry to announce this site is no longer available.  Please see the home page for new map sites.  If anyone knows where the above site moved to, please email me, it was a very good site!

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For a panoramic view of the Church of St. Mary Magdelene in Israel, click here.
Matthew Chapter 16

Map Work

We begin in Magdala, the place where Mary Magdalene was from.
Upon leaving Magdala, Jesus and His disciples go to Caesarea.

Part I

This is a chapter that has many important verses that you may want to mark.  Some good verses are 11, 13-17, 19, and 24-28.

In this chapter Peter does really well, receiving the title of head of the church when Jesus leaves, then he turns around and makes some mistakes.  However, Jesus doesn't let Peter's weaknesses discourage Him.  He knows what Peter will be one day just as He knows what His plans for his future are

Through Peter and the other disciples we learn not to be discouraged by our mistakes.  God is able to perfect that which concerns us.  Psalm 138:8.

Part II

Matching:   (match the letter with the correct number)

1. Jesus compared the doctrine of the Pharisees                              A) keys
And Saduccees to this                                                                           B) fair weather
                                                                                                                   C) Deny yourself,
2. Some of the disciples said people called                                             pick up your cross,   Jesus "John the Baptist"; Peter called Him                                           and follow Him
                                                                                            D) Christ, the Son of
3.  Jesus referred to Peter as the ____ upon which                                   the Living God
    He will build His church.                                                                    E) Leaven
                                                                                                                   F) Elijah
4.  Jesus told Peter He would give Him the _____                          G) the Glory of God
    to the Kingdom of Heaven.                                                              H) chariot
                                                                                            I) God
5.  We must do this if we want to follow Jesus                                  J)  rock
                                                                                                                   K) a carpenter
6.  A red sky means?                                                                               L) leaven
                                                                                                                   M) a storm is coming
7. Who showed Peter the truth about Jesus?

8. Jesus will come back in?

Part III

A fun thing we use to do with our children is: 

Everyone separates to a quiet place of their choosing and makes their own list of 6 to 10 questions along with answers (or more, depending on the size of the chapter). 

We set a time to meet at the kitchen table or livingroom and each takes turns reading off their questions.  Each person must write his or her answers on paper, which is how the score is kept.

When one person finishes asking their questions, everyone exchanges papers and each one corrects the paper they received while the one who asked the questions reads off the answers.  Anyone can challenge an answer, but must prove their point with Scripture.

And if you don't want to keep score, it is just as much fun 

May God bless you in your time together.


Part II----1.  E                              5. C
               2. D                               6. B
               3. J                                7. I
               4. A                        8. G